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Kyoto (These 10 Years) / 1988

Year of release:



This bootleg is called "Kyoto 1988". But I don't think it's a whole concert, because it contains 6 songs with a whole playtime of just 40 minutes. Probably this recording is made on his "THESE 10 YEARS" tour (14 concerts from July to September 1988).

Track list:

  1. The Field
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. Silk Road
  5. Flight
  6. ?

My opinion:

The songs fit into 1987/88 and into "THESE 10 YEARS". The recoding quality is not as good as Flint Center Cupertino. There are more songs on this disc, but they are not from Kitaro. Sounds like somebody used the empty space. A strange disc.