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Personalities of Today, Part 14: Kitaro

Year of release:

About 1983/84

Running time / Language:

30 Minutes / English

Buy somewhere?

No, made for television. Was already seen on Youtube.


The series "Personalities of Today" by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan should be a documentary of Japan and the japanese way of life. For this several personalities from Japan were interviewed and shown. Part 14 of this series is about the japanese musician Kitaro, his life in his house/studio in the mountains of Nagano, his music and concert rehearsals.

My opinion:

A very interesting documentary, because everything we see is from 1983 and some earlier parts. At that time Kitaro still lived in Japan in a lonely house/studio in the mountains of Nagano. He speaks about his music, his inspiration. We also see the rehearsal for the Japan concert tour "Prayer for the 21st Century" and short parts of the concerts. I suggest all fans to see this documentary.