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似水流年 / Homecoming
Hong Kong Pineast Pictures

Hong Kong Pineast Pictures

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A story about a woman who returns after years of work in Hong Kong to her hometown in Mainland China. A story about changes in life. The music for the movie was written by Kitaro and most parts are known from the album Towards the West that was published in 1985. The title song, known on "Towards the West" as "Delight", was sung by the famous Cantopop singer Anita Mui and published under the name "似水流年" (english: "Years Flowing Like Water") on her album 梅艷芳 ("Anita Mui"). Until her death in 2003 she has sung this song several times in her concerts, so different versions exist.

My opinion:

The movie is a matter of taste and you need some background information (for example the "Sino-British Joint Declaration" from 1984) to understand all details. In Hong Kong it was well known and won the 4th Hong Kong Film Awards. The movie was nominated in 11 categories and won 6 of them (best music: Kitaro and best song: Anita Mui were nominated, but didn't get the prize). But outside of Hong Kong nobody knows the movie. So back to the music: Kitaro 1984 - best music! The vocal version of "Delight" sung by Anita Mui - "Years Flowing Like Water" - wonderful. You can find parts of the movie and the different versions of "Years Flowing Like Water" by Anita Mui on Youtube.