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Queen Millennia / 新竹取物語・1000年女王
Queen Millennia

Toei Animation Studios

Year of release:



"Queen Millennia" was a manga series which was printed from 1980 to 1983 in Japanese newspapers. The series was adapted for the Japanese TV and broadcast from 1981 to 1982. In 1982 a "Queen Millennia" movie was released. Kitaro wrote the music for this movie. An interesting fact is that in the movie the music used for the end titles is Angel Queen sung by Dara Sedaka. But this song was never part of the album Queen Millennia. Kitaro just created an instrumental version of "Angel Queen" (the song "Puromesyume"), but this version was not used in the movie. Result: in case sombody wants to have the complete music of the movie you have to buy both, the album and the single. Or you get the Queen Millennia Original Soundtrack (Audio Drama).

My opinion:

The drawings from the movie are typical 1980ths-style and the storyline is science-fiction. The music fits to the movie, even when the connections are sometimes a little bit unusual. There are action, death & destruction scenes with quite music in the background, something you don't see in american movies so often. To enjoy the music it's not necessary to know the movie.