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442 - Live With Honor, Die With Dignity (Soundtrack)
442 - Live With Honor, Die With Dignity (Soundtrack)

Geffen Records

Year of release:



Soundtrack for the movie "442 - Live With Honor, Die With Dignity". This is not just a score, between the songs are short parts with spoken text. This album was the first of two about the unit 442.

Other releases:

There is a second release that came out later with the music in the background and the dialogues in the foreground. The music on both albums is different.

Track list:

  1. Fish Dive In The Lake
  2. Courage (Dialogue)
  3. Gaia
  4. The Vosges Mountains (Dialogue)
  5. Zen
  6. The Lost Battalion (Dialogue)
  7. Moon-Star
  8. Tommy (Dialogue)
  9. Dawn / Rising Sun
  10. The First Nisei (Dialogue)
  11. Cosmic Love
  12. Remembrance (Dialogue)
  13. Aria Di West Lake
  14. Larry (Dialogue)
  15. Wind and Water
  16. Honor And Dignity (Dialogue)
  17. Thinking Of You

My opinion:

Kitaro reused music from other releases. For fans of the unit 442 this "soundtrack" might be interesting, "normal" Kitaro fans can skip it.