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442 - Live With Honor, Die With Dignity (Kitaro's Story Scape)
442 - Live With Honor, Die With Dignity (Kitaro's Story Scape)

Geffen Records

Year of release:



Soldiers speak about the WWII. In the background you can hear the music of Kitaro and in the foreground you can listen to former soldiers of the unit 442. This album was the second of two about the unit 442.

Other releases:

Before this album Domo Records released a 442 Soundtrack. The music on both albums is different.

Track list:

  1. Introduction
  2. Pearl Harbor
  3. 100th Battalion
  4. War Relocation Authority
  5. The Battle Of Monte Cassino
  6. Military Intelligence
  7. Combat
  8. Tulelake
  9. 442nd Battalion
  10. The French Battlefront
  11. Rue De 442
  12. Banzai Hill
  13. Texas Battalion Rescue
  14. Liberty
  15. Kuni No Tame
  16. Legacy
  17. Heroes

My opinion:

This album is recommended for people who are interested in the history of the unit 442, but not for Kitaro fans.