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Aura No Saiten / オーラの祭典
Aura No Saiten

Sound Design Records / Japan

Year of release:



"Aura No Saiten" (translated: "Aura Festival") is a 45 RPM EP in LP size. It was published in Japan to promote the first "Aura Festival" of the Buddhist organisation Agon Shu. The cover shows a big burning pile. These big fire piles are part of the festival. The EP was never released as CD and can be found on the japanese second hand market mainly, but also in the world wide search of ebay. The songs on the EP are not seperated with pauses, but cut together to one long song on each side.

Other releases:

Most songs were reused (with new names) on the later album Towards the West. The songs are:

Track list:

Side A

    組曲「默示錄」 (Suite "Apocalypse")
  1. 叡智 (Wisdom)
  2. 孤高 (Loftiness)
  3. 聖者の愛 (Love of the Saints)
  4. 靈火 (Spirit of Fire)

Side B

  1. オアシスの朝 (Dawning in Oasis)
  2. 砂漠の休息 (Peaceful Moment)
  3. 平和の決意 (Desire)

My opinion:

You see the name of the songs and think you have something new. Then you listen to the record and you know all songs already. This is a little bit annoying. But when this EP was published Towards the West didn't exist yet (it was published the next year). For normal Kitaro listeners this EP is not a must, they know most songs already. There are some effect sounds inside that are taken out in the later version, but these are just marginal differences. For the fan "Wisdom" can be interesting when you want to listen to the evolution chain "Peace" -> "Wisom" -> "Melancholy". Decide yourself if you need this EP.