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Best of Kitaro
Kuckuck Schallplatten

Kuckuck Schallplatten

Year of release:



Collection of songs from the albums Oasis, Silk Road and Tun Huang.

Other releases:

Remastered 1997 by Domo Records as 20-bit-version.

Track list:

  1. Morning Prayer
  2. Eternal Spring
  3. Oasis
  4. Westbound
  5. Silver Moon
  6. Four Changes
  7. Tunhuang
  8. Sacred Journey II
  9. Revelation
  10. Silk Road Fantasy
  11. Shimmering Light
  12. Everlasting Road

My opinion:

I never bought this album, because I have all tracks on the original CDs. I really don't like "Best of" albums.

Other cover versions:

Domo Records
Domo Records