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Best of Silk Road
Domo Records

Domo Records

Year of release:



"Best of" with songs taken from Ten Years and Kitaro's World of Music featuring Yu-Xiao Guang, plus a previously unreleased new version from the "Theme from Silk Road" and a previously unreleased piece of music (about 17 minutes long).

Track list:

  1. Theme From Silk Road
  2. Bell Tower
  3. Flying Celestial Nymphs
  4. Mirage
  5. Linden
  6. 40800
  7. Takla Makan Desert
  8. Lord Of Wind
  9. Caravansary
  10. Moon-Star
  11. Pray At Xian / Mercury

My opinion:

I don't like compilers and "Best of" albums. Especially not when you can find a few new pieces on it (what is done here). They already did this with other releases (for example on the Best Of Kitaro Vol. 2) and the new pieces were released on other albums later.
Okay, this compilation is done nicely, but when you already own the two albums (see up) you should ask yourself: is a new played version from the "Silk Road Theme" and a new song that is made from "Pray in Xian" (new, about 8 minutes long) and a new played version of "Mercury" (see for example Live in Yakushiji) so much money worth? My advise: go to your CD dealer and listen to this CD before you buy it. Listen first, then decide.