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Cirque Ingenieux
Domo Records

Domo Records

Year of release:



Soundtrack for the group "Cirque Ingenieux".

Track list:

  1. Cirque Ingenieux
  2. Sarah's World
  3. Solar System Trapeze
  4. The Tailor
  5. Costume Shop
  6. Wall Of Masks
  7. Contortionists
  8. Winter Waltz
  9. The Wizard
  10. Galina
  11. Underworld
    A. Parade of Riches
    B. Court Performers
    C. Palace Dance
  12. Strength
  13. The Escape
  14. The Bottom Of The Sky
  15. Double Lira / Finale

My opinion:

Some sounds are circus-like, but most of the music is Kitaro-style. This album was promoted on the Kitaro World Tour 1998, since this event "Strength" is my favorit song from this album.

Other cover versions: