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Final Call
Final Call

Domo Records

Year of release:



First published album on which Kitaro played a song in Berlin School style.

Track list:

  1. Final Call
  2. Jupiter's Beam
  3. Yo-en
  4. Shadow Of The Moon
  5. Traveler
  6. Valley Of The Spirit
  7. After Glow
  8. Wind From The Desert
  9. Moment Circle
  10. Whispering Shore
  11. Solar Eclipse

My opinion:

Kitaro created with "Final Call" a very interesting release. It's a change of experimental sounds with pieces that could be part of Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai. You can hear single sounds that were not used since Ten Kai. Other sounds are known from Kojiki or Gaia.Onbashira.
But the big surprise is the song "Traveler". The piece starts with a pizzicato sound and you expect something in the style of Cirque Ingenieux. At 1:40 suddenly the music changes and you get electronic music in best "Berlin School" tradition. The background rhythm sounds like "Rubycon 2" from the album "Rubycon" by the group Tangerine Dream, just a little bit faster. Kitaro also used the echo sound that Pink Floyd already used in the song "One Of Those Days" on the album "Meddle". Man, I love that combination!
What I don't like very much are the choir sounds that Kitaro used in three songs ("Final Call", Valley Of The Spirit" and "Solar Eclipse"). They sound too much like a sample library and esp. in "Solar Eclipse" it sounds like a "poor man's Enya choir". Disregarding the choir sounds I really recommand "Final Call".