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Ki / 気

Kuckuck Schallplatten

Year of release:



Soundtrack for a NHK documentary about the Mojave desert in California (USA).

Other releases:

Remastered in 1996 by Domo Records (20 bit version).

Track list:

  1. Revelation / 知
  2. Stream Of Being / 流
  3. Kaleidoscope / 万華鏡
  4. Oasis / オアシス
  5. Sun / 陽
  6. Endless Water / 無限水
  7. Tree / 樹
  8. Cloud In The Sky / 空の雲

My opinion:

Good album, typical Kitaro sound of that time. All songs are new, but the song "Oasis" is a 97% remake of "Oasis" from the album Oasis, released only a few years before "Ki".

Other cover versions:

Domo Records Canyon Records / Japan
Domo Records Canyon Records / Japan