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Mizu ni Inori te / 水に祈りて
Domo Records Japan

Domo Records Japan

Year of release:



A mix of new and old songs. The new songs were composed for a NHK documentary about the Nagara River (Gifu prefecture, Japan).

Track list:

  1. Mizu ni Inori te
  2. The Light of the Spirit
  3. Stream
  4. Shizuku no Mai
  5. Nagare no Naka de
  6. Voice of the Wind
  7. Theme from Silk Road

My opinion:

I like the new songs on the album. "Mizu ni Inori te" could be a song from "Tenku", "Shizuku no Mai" is a percussion-based song (mostly drums) and "Nagare no Naka de" could be nearly taken from an older album. The rest of the songs are well known, but in my personal opinion "The Light of the Spirit" doesn't fit in this collection because of the vocals. Actually this album is available in Japan only.