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Noah's Ark / ノアの箱舟
Sound Design Records / Japan

Sound Design Records / Japan

Year of release:



This album is a collection of songs from older releases (for example from Silver Cloud and Ten-Jiku) and some for most people unknown songs. The first two songs (Suite "Noah's Ark" Part 1&2) are identical with side A and B of Spring of Youth. The song "Caravan" is a vocal version by the group Pages. And the songs "Dreamer" and "Noah's Ark - Single Mix" are taken from the single Noah's Ark.

Track list:

  1. Suite "Noah's Ark" Part 1 (組曲「ノアの箱舟」PART 1)
  2. Suite "Noah's Ark" Part 2 (組曲「ノアの箱舟」PART 2)
  3. Caravansary (キャラバンサライ-Single Mix)
  4. Jiu Gan Tang Mai Wu
  5. Fire (炎の舞)
  6. Pilgrimage (巡礼の夜)
  7. Moon-Star (ムーン~スター)
  8. Dance Of Sand (神秘なる砂の舞)
  9. Dreamer (少年の夢)
  10. Noah's Ark - Single Mix (ノアの箱舟-Single Mix)
  11. Caravan (キャラバン)

My opinion:

I highly recommend to buy this album. "Jiu Gan Tang Mai Wu", Kitaro's version of the title song from the 1983 taiwanese movie "Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing?", is a very nice song in Kitaros old style. And it's very interesting to hear "Caravansary" with vocals. Sadly this album is sold in Japan only.