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Oasis / オアシス


Year of release:



Third album from Kitaro.

Other releases:

Re-released from Domo Records in 1996 (20 bit version).

Track list:

  1. Rising Sun (Asa No Inori / 朝の祈り)
  2. Moro-Rism (モロリズム)
  3. New Wave (Aratanaru Tabiji / 新たなる旅路)
  4. Cosmic Energy (Uchu Enerugii / 宇宙エネルギー)
  5. Aqua / Eternal Spring* (無限水)
  6. Moonlight (月の光)
  7. Shimmering Horizon (Hikari To Kage / 地平線)
  8. Fragrance Of Nature (Shizen No Kaori / 自然の香り)
  9. Innocent People (Mujaki / 無邪気)
  10. Oasis (オアシス)

* On the new release from Domo Records the title is "Eternal Spring". In my older version from Polydor the title is "Aqua" and this is the name on the album The World of Kitaro, too. I think "Aqua" is the correct title, "Eternal Spring" is a mistake.

My opinion:

Oasis was my personal favorite for a long time. Oasis has the typical rythm and the analog sound of the old synthesizers.

Other cover versions:

Kuckuck Schallplatten
Kuckuck Schallplatten