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Queen Millennia / 1000年女王
Queen Millennia

Canyon Records / Japan

Year of release:



Soundtrack for the Japanese movie Queen Millennia. The album is a pure instrumental album. The famous song Angel Queen, sung by Dara Sedaka in the movie, is included as an instrumental version ("Puromesyume").
The original version by Canyon Records was published as LP only and can be found in Japanese second hand shops very easily. The Polydor (Hong Kong) version was published as LP only, like the Canyon Records version, but is harder to get. The only version published as LP and CD was the later Geffen Records release. But this license ran out years ago. In the moment (2012/2013) no record company offers "Queen Millennia" in a new edition.

Other releases:

Track list:

  1. Prologue
  2. Space Queen
  3. Seiun
  4. Hikari no Sono
  5. Maboroshi
  6. Cosmic Love
  7. Jiyu Eno Kakehashi
  8. Puromesyume
  9. Epilogue

My opinion:

In the Geffen version there is only one small hint in the booklet that this album is a soundtrack: "Music from the Japanese Animated Motion Picture 'Queen Millennia' ". I really love this album and I cannot understand why no record company sells it again.

Other cover versions:

Geffen Records Polydor
Geffen Records Polydor