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Theme of Radio House Ginga / ラジオハウス銀河のテーマ・ユートピアの旅
Canyon Records / Japan

Canyon Records / Japan

Year of release:

1982 (probably)


This is a 33⅓ RPM "not for sale" promotion single (LP size) for the Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. (short: JOLF, Japanese: ニッポン放送, printed on the lower right corner of the front cover). It was a promotion in Japan only. Besides to the record itself there is a printed paper that shows a recording room of the JOLF studio on the one side and on the other side a blueprint of the studio area including a list of the technical equipment.
There is no hint in which year the record was released. But: you can find the japanese word for "Utopia" under the main title on the front cover. Because of this and the fact that the music is identical with Utopia it seems likely that the single was released after "Utopia".
Like "Utopia" this single was never published on CD and the music was never part of a compiler or a "Best of" album.

Other releases:

The single is identical to Utopia.

Track list:

Side A

  1. Utopia

Side B

  1. Utopia (with orchestral parts)

My opinion:

Please read at Utopia.