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Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Vol. 1 / 空海の旅1
Domo Records

Domo Records

Year of release:



The album "Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai" is the first of two recordings about the pilgrimage of Kûkai.

Other releases:

This recording was also published as a Super Audio CD (SACD) in 2003.

Track list:

  1. Michi
  2. Kagero
  3. Shizuku
  4. Flow
  5. Nen
  6. The Wind
  7. Gi
  8. Evening Sun
  9. Silence
  10. Earth in Bloom
  11. Kuu
  12. Cocoro

My opinion:

It is not an easy task to describe the journey of Kûkai (774-835), the founder of the japanese Shingon Shu, in a musical form. Kitaro did this with a nice album, that remembers more to Ancient than Thinking of You. The songs are quite, not orchestral. Song 5 ("Nen") is more or less filled with buddistic monk prayings. Several sounds already appeared on Gaia, Thinking of You and Ancient and most effects are known from older Kitaro albums. But I can recommend this album completely. It's a good work from Kitaro's workbench. The songs I liked most are #1 ("Michi"), #11 ("Kuu") and #12 ("Cocoro").