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Ten Kai / Astral Voyage / Astral Trip / 天界


Year of release:



First solo album of Kitaro.

Other releases:

Original title: Ten Kai. Also sold as "Astral Voyage" (US) and "Astral Trip" (Germany). Re-released in 1985 by Geffen Records.

Track list:

  1. By The Sea Side / 海を見つめて
  2. Soul Of The Sea / ソウル・オブ・ザ・シー
  3. Micro Cosmos / 小宇宙
  4. Beat / 鼓動
  5. Fire / 炎の舞
  6. Mu / 無
  7. Dawn Of The Astral / 宇宙の夜明け
  8. Endless Dreamy World / エンドレス・ドリーミー・ワールド
  9. Kaiso / 回想
  10. Astral Trip / アストラル・トリップ

My opinion:

Typical Kitaro sound with the slow and calm style of his first albums. Some musical elements are also included in From the Full Moon Story. A "must" for every collection.

Other cover versions:

Geffen Records
Geffen Records