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Tenku / 天空

Geffen Records

Year of release:



First album published by Geffen Records.

Other releases:

Domo Records re-released the album in 1997 (20 bit version).

Track list:

  1. Tenku / 天空
  2. Romance / 浪漫
  3. Wings / 飛翼
  4. Aura / 発気
  5. Message From The Comos / 宇宙詩
  6. Time Traveller / 時空人
  7. Legend Of The Road / 伝説路
  8. Milky Way / 大銀河

My opinion:

With Silver Cloud and Towards the West Kitaro started to develop his sound away from the typical Oasis and Silk Road sound. This album continues this development, it sounds much more sharper and clearer than the old ones.