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Tonko / Tunhuang / Silk Road III / 敦煌
Canyon Records / Japan

Canyon Records / Japan

Year of release:



Another part of the "Silk Road series".

Other releases:

Track list:

  1. Lord Of The Wind (風神)
  2. Fata Morgana* (蜃気楼)
  3. Sacred Journey I (巡礼の旅)
  4. Lord Of The Sand (砂の神)
  5. Tunhuang (敦煌からの想い)
  6. Free Flight** (飛翔)
  7. Mandala (曼陀羅)
  8. Tao (道)
  9. Sacred Journey II (巡礼の旅2)
* On some albums "Mirage"
** or just "Flight".

My opinion:

My favorite song on this album is "Lord Of The Sand". The remake "Flight" on the album Ten Years is much more powerful than the original "Free Flight"..

Other cover versions:

Polydor Kuckuck Schallplatten
Polydor Kuckuck Schallplatten