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Utopia / ユートピアの旅
Canyon Records / Japan

Canyon Records / Japan

Year of release:



This single was composed for the 20 anniversary of the japanese-american joint venture Fuji Xerox in 1982. It was for promotion and not for sale. The 45 RPM single has a full LP size and is a picture disc. Side A shows the same picture like the front cover, side B shows a galaxy. The music on side A is the piece "Utopia" (about 10 minutes), on the side B is "Utopia" again, but with some orchestral elements mixed in.
The record was distributed in Japan only and neither published on CD nor on a compiler or a "Best of" album.

Other releases:

The music was re-used on the single Theme of Radio House Ginga.

Track list:

Side A

  1. Utopia

Side B

  1. Utopia (with orchestral parts)

My opinion:

The music is typical Kitaro music at that time (1982). If you like Queen Millennia I think you will also like this piece of music. You can find this album on japanese second hand websites or on ebay if you activate the world wide search. But please think twice: it is just a single and the music on both sides is not very different. Don't expect too much from it. If you are a fan who wants to hear this music, I would recommend to look for "Utopia" because then you get a nice picture disc.