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Kervansaray / Caravanserai Vol. 1


Year of release:



Album from an unknown band that played different songs in Turkish Sufi music style. 6 different albums exist, this is number one. The second song is Kitaro's "Caravansary" in Sufi-style. The rest of the album has nothing to do with Kitaro.

Track list:

  1. Ya ilahi
  2. Kervansaray
  3. Mualla Gavsi
  4. Uyan Ey Gözlerim
  5. Allah Hu Allah
  6. Cagri
  7. Ipek Yolu
  8. Can Yine
  9. Salatu Selam
  10. Potpori

My opinion:

It's interesting to hear this piece in Sufi-style, but the song is not very different from the original. Rythm and melody are very much the same, only the use of the flute "Ney" gives the song this typical sad sounding style. If you are interested in Sufi music you can buy this album. Otherwise you have to be a hardcore-Kitaro-fan to buy this album only for one piece of music.