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Starship Synthesizer Orchestra / Masanori Takahasi - Space Roman / スペース・ロマン
Space Roman


Year of release:



This album is an musical interpretation of mostly well-known science fiction soundtracks. The musician is Masanori Takahashi, but not under his artist name Kitaro, but as Starship Synthesizer Orchestra. There are some single sounds that you can hear later on Kitaro's early albums as well, but the music itself has nothing to do with what we know typical from Kitaro. The first and the last song are composed by him. The album was published in Japan on LP only, there are no later re-releases on CD. You can find it on Japanese second hand websites.

Track list:

  1. スペース・ロマン~プロローグ / Space Roman Prologue
  2. スター・ウォーズ / Star Wars
  3. 交響組曲宇宙戦艦ヤマト序曲 / Symphonic Suite Space Battleship Yamato Overture
  4. 宇宙戦艦ヤマト / Space Battleship Yamato
  5. 2001年宇宙の旅 / 2001 - Thus Spoke Zarathustra
  6. 未知との遭遇 / Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  7. 惑星大戦争 / The War in Space
  8. 惑星大戦争より地下基地 / The War in Space - Underground Base
  9. マニトウ / The Manitou
  10. スペース・ロマン~エピローグ / Space Roman Epilogue

My opinion:

This one is something else. The interesting part is that it was made by Masanori Takahashi, but it has nothing to do with the typical Kitaro sound. The music sounds like synth-pop of the 1970ths. Only the two Kitaro songs at the beginning and end sound like Kitaro, but are nothing special. So it's something for the hardcore fan who needs to buy everything. If you are interested in typical Kitaro music only you shouldn't invest your money.