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An Enchanted Evening
Domo Records

Domo Records

Year of release:

1999 / 2004


A concert DVD that fits to the CD An Enchanted Evening", but the song "Spirit of Taiko" is missing.

Track list:

  1. Chant from the Heart
  2. Kokoro
  3. Mandala
  4. Planet
  5. Dance of Sarasvati
  6. Winds of Youth
  7. Heaven & Earth

My opinion:

History: Back in the 90ths Domo published a video cassette called "An Enchanted Evening Vol. 1". This was a concert video for the "Mandala Tour" in 1994. The video showed seven songs: Chant from the Heart, Kokoro, Mandala, Planet, Dance of Sarasvati, Winds of Youth und Heaven & Earth. Later Domo released a seconds video cassette, "An Enchanted Evening Vol. 2". This one features interviews and songs that haven't been part of the first cassette.
The DVD "An Enchanted Evening" is just the DVD version of the video cassette "An Enchanted Evening Vol. 1". The video cassette "An Enchanted Evening Vol. 2" was never released as a DVD version.
But there is another DVD version of "An Enchanted Evening". This version is labeled by "Pony Canon" (japanese record company), but the writing on the front is chinese. The big difference to the Domo version is that this DVD features the four songs of "An Enchanted Evening Vol. 2": "Caravansary", "Silk Road", "Cosmic Love" und "Fire". These are exactly the four songs that you also can find on the DVD Best of Kitaro.