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Best of Kitaro
Black Hill Pictures

Black Hill Pictures

Year of release:



"Best Of"-DVD with pieces from the DVDs Kojiki: A Story in Concert, An Enchanted Evening, The Light of the Spirit and Tamayura plus 4 additional songs.

Track list:

  1. Opening Credits
  2. Kokoro
  3. Silk Road
  4. Magma
  5. Matsuri
  6. The Field
  7. Heaven and Earth
  8. Koi
  9. Caravansary
  10. Fire
  11. Mercury
  12. Cosmic Love
  13. Dance of the Sarasvati
  14. End Credits

My opinion:

This is a "Best Of", cut from 4 different Kitaro DVDs. This would be okay if all of them would be concert DVDs. But this one is a mix, the nature videos from The Light of the Spirit between concert excerpts and the theatre like Tamayura. Somehow it don't fit.
But one thing is typical Domo: They added "bonuses" into this "Best of" that they cut out of other releases. You can find "Silk Road", "Caravansary", "Fire" and the fantastic "Cosmic Love" from the album Queen Millennia on this DVD. Personally I think these songs should be part of the DVD An Enchanted Evening, but Domo decided to put them on the "Best Of". Maybe this should be a reason for fans to buy this DVD?