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Live in Osaka
Polydor Japan

Polydor Japan

Year of release:



The concert, which was published in Japan on a Laserdisc, was part of his 1983 Japan tour "Prayer for the 21st Century". It was hold on the 9th. of October, 1983 as an opener for the new built Osaka-jō Hall in Osaka/Japan. The tracklist of the Laserdisc is more or less identical with the second disc of the album Tokusen II. The only difference is the piece "Japanese Drums" which is missing on Tokusen II.

Track list:

  1. Opening For The 21th Century
  2. The Mist
  3. Fire
  4. Cosmic Love
  5. Japanese Drums
  6. Caravansary
  7. Pilgrimage/Moon-Star
  8. Dance of Sand

My opinion:

Like in the Kitaro at Budokan concert the camera is focused on Kitaro the whole time. Other musicians are on stage but the camera ignores them completely. Of course this Laserdisc is one of the rare visual moments of Kitaro's early concert history and it is important. But to be honest: it is not a "must have". If you already own Tokusen II you have most of the music which is the most important thing. Okay, "Japanese Drums" is missing. But this one can be found on Live in Asia.