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This list should give a little overview about the instruments that are used on Kitaro's albums. Not all instruments are played by him, often he invites guest musicians who are specialised on some instruments.

In the moment only the synthesizers are realised.

This list may not be complete, but because of booklets that contain none or just a little information about the used instruments (esp. since the time Kitaro changed to Geffen Records), it is very hard to complete it. And don't expect any "official" help by the record company. Sometimes you need interviews or videos to get more hints. And sometimes you are puzzled about the information you found. For example: There was a strange looking instrument in the DVD "Kojiki in Concert". With a little research I found out that it was the self-constructed bass of the musician Reggie Hamilton who was invited for this tour - I decided not to put this instrument on my list.

Besides to this there are no effects on this list. They are even more hard to find out.

Most pictures and a lot of the information were taken from these sources: Synrise, Vintage Synth Explorer, The Audio Playground Synthesizer Museum.

If you have more information about the instruments Kitaro used, please write to: kitaro [at] gigapolis . com